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Introducing BUCC on Docker Desktop for macOS

Developing against BOSH, UAA, CredHub, and Concourse has never been easier, with the new Docker Desktop for macOS support of BUCC (introduced in version 0.7.1). If you have not already, get Docker Desktop (tested with here. Make sure to allocate enough memory (tested with 8GB) to the Docker Desktop VM: Now let’s deploy BUCC:

Doomsday: x509 Certificate Expiration Monitoring

As of this writing, it is 2019, and the tech-world has generally accepted TLS as a “good thing.” So let’s put certificates on our servers to make sure we’re talking to the right servers, and let’s also put certificates on our clients to make sure that the right clients are talking to the right servers.

Introduction to Knative

Serverless computing atop Kubernetes got a whole lot easier and better with Knative from Google and Pivotal. We’ve written a collection of articles that walk you through the basics of installing and using Knative to deploy your cloud native/serverless applications into your Kubernetes cluster, to set up custom domains, and route traffic. Deploying 12-factor apps