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65 Lines of Terraform For a New VPC + EKS + Node Group + Fargate Profile

Photo by Ignacio Amen√°baron Unsplash As the title alludes, spinning Kubernetes on Amazon EKS is now a trivial exercise with Terraform. So simple even I can do it. So can you! Requirements Not much: An AWS account with access keys Terraform and AWS CLIs installed Knowledge on what EKS, Node Groups, and Fargate are. If

20 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask About Amazon EKS and Fargate

Photo by Photoholgicon Unsplash When I was first asked to investigate Fargate I did what everyone else does, opened a browser tab, Googled EKS Fargate, and started to skim the results for something helpful. Many talk about how billing works, how to run it on ECS, more billing awesomeness but nothing on a high level