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Using a Windows Gaming PC as a (Linux) Docker Host

Docker Desktop is a perfectly serviceable way to use Docker on either MacOS or Windows, but for non-trivial use cases, it leaves much to be desired. I recently happened upon one such use case that you might think would be rather common: I develop on MacOS, but since my MacBook Pro only has 16GB of

The Capable Kernel: An Introduction to Linux Capabilities

Traditionally, Linux separates users and their processes into two different groups: root (user ID 0) and everyone else. Back in 1999, with the 2.2 Linux kernel release, kernel developers started breaking up the privileges of the root user into distinct capabilities, allowing processes to inherit subsets of root’s privilege, without giving away too much. Fast-forward

Building Docker images for Kubernetes running on ARM

Nearly every Docker image you’ve ever run on Kubernetes will not work on your Homelab Raspberry Pi cluster. Why? What do we need to do? This article introduces the “docker buildx” plugin to make it easy to produce mult-arch Docker images. I’ve started a new home lab of Raspberry Pis (and soon to include some

Dockerizing our Jumpboxen

A long time ago, we at Stark & Wayne faced a problem with jumpboxen. Every environment needs one, and they have to have all the right tooling loaded on them. We were treating them as a bit of the infrastructure, which meant that we let client infrastructure teams stand them up. A CentOS VM over

From the Interns: Getting SHIELD up and Running via Docker

This guest post is brought to you by Naveed Ahmad and Pururva Lakkad from our Summer 2019 Internship program. We are interning here at Stark & Wayne for the summer. As mentioned earlier at the blog, we had to choose one project out of the four amazing ones. As a team, we’ve decided to work

Detecting Warden in a BOSH Release

This morning, I was trying to wrangle our CI/CD pipeline for the Containers BOSH Release so that I could cut a 1.1.0 release and generally forget about the process of integration testing. Our stock pipeline architecture for BOSH releases runs a deployment test by taking a manifest — either the example manifest or a CI-specific

Introducing BUCC on Docker Desktop for macOS

Developing against BOSH, UAA, CredHub, and Concourse has never been easier, with the new Docker Desktop for macOS support of BUCC (introduced in version 0.7.1). If you have not already, get Docker Desktop (tested with here. Make sure to allocate enough memory (tested with 8GB) to the Docker Desktop VM: Now let’s deploy BUCC:

Build Docker images inside your Kubernetes with Knative Build

This is the fifth in a collection of articles as I figure out what’s what with Knative for Kubernetes. The full set of articles are: Deploying 12-factor apps to Knative Building and deploying applications to Knative Adding public traffic to Knative on Google Kubernetes Engine Adding a custom hostname domain for Knative services Build Docker

Testing distributed systems thru failure/down time scenarios with Delmo

For the last year or so, at Stark & Wayne we’ve been developing production-grade data services that support highly available failover and automatic disaster recovery. We are planning for these data platforms to run 1000s of databases, so every failover and every user’s requirement for disaster recovery needs to work every time and without human