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LDAP in Concourse, Why Hast Thou Errored On Me?

Photo by Marko Horvat on Unsplash What we were doing Recently, we were helping a client to integrate logging into Concourse. Deploying Concourse with the concourse-bosh-deployment is fairly easy with a base concourse.yml and features added with various ops files. One of the available ops files adds LDAP authentication which the client wanted. We wound

Deploy Cloud Foundry on MoltenCore

In the previous blog posts we introduced MoltenCore and showed you how to deploy MoltenCore on Packet bare-metal cloud. In this blog post I will walk you through the steps needed to deploy Cloud Foundry on your freshly deployed MoltenCore Cluster. Since MoltenCore uses BOSH with the docker-bosh-cpi for resources isolation, a Cloud Foundry running

Logging Into Concourse From a Remote System

Authentication Scenarios When using Concourse in several environments, you’ll eventually end up in a situation where you’re on a remote system (Jumpbox, Docker Container, etc) and need to use fly to get or set a pipeline, or hijack into a job and troubleshoot a task. This is where things get a bit interesting. If you