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The Future of Cloud Foundry, BOSH, KubeCF, and cf-for-k8s

In the fall of 2020, VMware sent a curt email to all subscribers on its PWS — Pivotal Web Services — platform informing them that come January 15th, 2021, they would need to move all of their applications to … elsewhere. Understandably, this caused a great deal of confusion among the PWS customer base. It’s

Deploy Cloud Foundry to Google Kubernetes in 10 minutes

Is Cloud Foundry dead? I ask on your behalf because Pivotal – chief cheerleader and contributor to Cloud Foundry – was sold to VMWare in 2019, and all Pivotal-cum-VMWare staff chant “Tanzu” as the answer to all problems. During 2017, ’18, and ’19 the vendor ecosystem around “cloud” and “devops” seemed to pine for all

Quake Speedrun Level 2: Argo

Welcome to part two of our QUAKE-Speedrun. This time we will deploy Argo and use it to automate deployments of our additional components on our Kubernetes Cluster to start building out our Platform. First, let’s take a look at the Argo Project Modules to understand what their Job is. Argo Project: ArgoCD “Declarative Continuous Delivery

Quake Speedrun Level 1: Kops

Introdution: A follow along tutorial to build your own Platform. This was inspired by the gaming speedrun community. A speedrun is a play-through, or a recording thereof, of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level), performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. While

Running Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes using KubeCF

Photo by Alex Gorzen on Flickr At Stark & Wayne, we’ve spent a ton of time figuring out the best solutions to problems using the open source tools we have available. We’ve pondered problem spaces such as: What if we could… Put the lime in the coconut? Put the peanut butter in the chocolate? Put

Deploy Cloud Foundry on MoltenCore

In the previous blog posts we introduced MoltenCore and showed you how to deploy MoltenCore on Packet bare-metal cloud. In this blog post I will walk you through the steps needed to deploy Cloud Foundry on your freshly deployed MoltenCore Cluster. Since MoltenCore uses BOSH with the docker-bosh-cpi for resources isolation, a Cloud Foundry running

Public Bare Metal CF Cheaper than Public Cloud CF! Whoa!

Cloud Foundry Summit EU is over and, as part of our servant leadership culture at Stark & Wayne, we reflect on what we’ve learned. First, we want to thank the Cloud Foundry Foundation for offering us the opportunity to sponsor the Hands-On Labs (HOL) and in particular, Chris Clark, for keeping everyone organized and on

Investigating kpack – Continuously Updating Docker Images with Cloud Native Buildpacks

Docker images don’t grow on trees, but you shouldn’t buy them from Etsy either. What I mean is, you don’t want your company running on bespoke artisan Docker images based on source code and upstream dependencies that you can’t reproduce 50 times a day, and can’t keep continually updated and secure for the next 10

Private buildpacks for Air-Gapped Cloud Foundry

Chad asked how to he could get FreeTDS into his Cloud Foundry application so he could use the RubyGem tiny_tds. The answer for adding system-level libraries or CLIs is to use a new supply buildpack, and so I made Chad a new buildpack https://github.com/starkandwayne/freetds-buildpack. Chad asked a good question – “but how do I use