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Can I share Cloud Foundry service instances yet?

One of the most requested features for Stark & Wayne kStreams (powered by Apache Kafka) was, "How do we share our Kafka topics between different Cloud Foundry spaces?" Great question, but it wasn’t in the domain of a service broker to break the fundamental isolation tenants of Cloud Foundry. Fortunately, the Cloud Foundry Services API

The VPN is dead – protecting your business apps with GitHub/Google Apps auth

It is easier, faster, and cheaper to borrow GitHub for your next internal business app than to write your own login/reset-password/two-factor authentication/team management system. In 2018 it is easier than ever to write small bespoke web apps for your business. Pick a high-level web framework (Ruby on Rails, Spring/Java) with a high-level ORM, collect data

Schedule containers in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

At Stark & Wayne we’ve been building out a set of internal web apps to help collect and pass information to the staff who need it. For example, one app pulls data from a primary source (such as timesheet entries) and at the end of the day it shares the information into a private Slack