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Hands-On Labs: Excellent Adventures

The Hands-On Labs continues its illustrious journey, at CF Summit Europe, located in The Foundry. Attendees bring their own laptops and they leave with insights on how to incorporate the concepts shared in the labs. What makes these labs useful to the attendees, besides the subject matter, is they are learning from Cloud Foundry experts

Knative vs Cloud Foundry: Where are the Overlaps and What are the Differences?

What is Cloud Foundry? “Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services. It is an open source project and is available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances.” – https://www.cloudfoundry.org/ What is Knative? “Kubernetes-based platform

Doomsday: x509 Certificate Expiration Monitoring

As of this writing, it is 2019, and the tech-world has generally accepted TLS as a “good thing.” So let’s put certificates on our servers to make sure we’re talking to the right servers, and let’s also put certificates on our clients to make sure that the right clients are talking to the right servers.

Air Gapping: A Moat for the 21st Century

What is Air Gapped? An air gapped environment is one that is not accessible from the internet and cannot access the internet. Enterprises use air gaps in order to prevent access to their network from nefarious external actors and to prevent their own engineers from being able to install any arbitrary software from the internet

CF on a Budget: Controlling Cost with Your PaaS

Being cost-conscious in a cloud world can be difficult. Especially on public clouds, where deployment footprint and instance sizing can be difficult to get right. Throw in lower environments, like sandbox, quality assurance, and development, and you’ve got the makings of a big cloud services bill. In this presentation, I presented multiple approaches and strategies

Preflight Platform Checklist: A Mechanic’s Guide

Years ago, the documentation around getting Cloud Foundry going was not exactly thorough. There was a small treasure trove of carefully cultivated manifests, Google Docs, and READMEs with instructions which quickly became outdated. Let’s face it, it was a small miracle back then to get a manifest for Cloud Foundry to work! In the subsequent

The Essential Getting Started Guide to Cloud Foundry

Abstract Today’s user expects a self-service, always-on, plug-and-play, ever-evolving experience. That’s a lot of hyphens. Cloud Foundry is based on the premise of making Application Development agile and Infrastructure flexible in order for the modern enterprise to meet dynamic business needs. We’ll guide you through the essential, need-to-know basics for an owner, operator, or developer

Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2019

The keynotes, talks, user stories, and technical sessions at Cloud Foundry Summit this year prove that Cloud Foundry is still THE platform for developers. Kubernetes continues to be the best platform for building platforms. Eirini brings these two powerful ecosystems together. As contributors to both the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes ecosystems, Stark & Wayne is

Stark & Wayne at CF Summit 2019

Cloud Foundry Summit is coming up quick. The Stark & Wayne team will be there with several members contributing to a handful of talks; plus a training session and a hands-on lab session. Stop by our location (Booth B3) at any time and we’ll give you a Stark & Wayne t-shirt featuring the next episode