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Build Docker images inside your Kubernetes with Knative Build

This is the fifth in a collection of articles as I figure out what’s what with Knative for Kubernetes. The full set of articles are: Deploying 12-factor apps to Knative Building and deploying applications to Knative Adding public traffic to Knative on Google Kubernetes Engine Adding a custom hostname domain for Knative services Build Docker

Add Computer Vision to your Cloud Foundry app using OpenCV

OpenCV is a fast computer vision and deep learning library. We’re excited to make OpenCV available to every Cloud Foundry application through a new buildpack: https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/opencv-buildpack What can OpenCV do? Firstly, it can determine that the author is human. And it does other things too. I first used it on a tiny RaspberryPi with a

Some options for adding a custom buildpack to CF

I recently needed to make use of the cf-multi-buildpack (UPDATE: there is also an updated GPL-licensed fork of cf-multi-buildpack). Its instructions indicate to use the -b https://github.com/pl31/cf-multi-buildpack flag during cf push to make use of it. However, I wanted to make this something available explicitly to all my Cloud Foundry users, and add it as