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Guide to deploying Genesis kits to BOSH/CredHub

Genesis is an awesome deployment framework for deploying systems with BOSH to any infrastructure cloud. It has a whole catalog of open source production ready kits which make it super easy to deploy, scale, and upgrade systems such as Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (PaaS), Vault (Secrets), Concourse CI, SHIELD (backup/restore), and Minio (Object Store). Genesis

Deploy Cloud Foundry on MoltenCore

In the previous blog posts we introduced MoltenCore and showed you how to deploy MoltenCore on Packet bare-metal cloud. In this blog post I will walk you through the steps needed to deploy Cloud Foundry on your freshly deployed MoltenCore Cluster. Since MoltenCore uses BOSH with the docker-bosh-cpi for resources isolation, a Cloud Foundry running

Introducing BUCC on Docker Desktop for macOS

Developing against BOSH, UAA, CredHub, and Concourse has never been easier, with the new Docker Desktop for macOS support of BUCC (introduced in version 0.7.1). If you have not already, get Docker Desktop (tested with here. Make sure to allocate enough memory (tested with 8GB) to the Docker Desktop VM: Now let’s deploy BUCC:

Stemcell Version Not Found

I was running a script the other day that would pull down the latest cf-deployment and get it running on my local computer using bucc. (Here’s the code for those following along at home.) I get the STEMCELL_VERSION from the cf-deployment repo with bosh interpolate command. When software updates in the repo, the script will

BUCC: I’ll be there for you, BBL

We wanted to let you know that two of your friends bbl and bucc are now best friends with each other! You can now use bbl to spin up a bucc fully automated on your target cloud environment. Setup The first thing we need is the latest bbl cli. For this example, we are going

Jumpbox connected with OAUTH

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a jumpbox available for your users without needing to maintain a list of users? Well, we did it again! And made it happen… It’s called oauth-jumpbox So let’s get you up and running… We are going to use the UAA from BUCC in this example; if you are not

Complete walk thru deploying BOSH using BUCC

You might be surprised at how quickly you can go from nothing to having a full production environment with BOSH. Very surprised. I’d like to share with you a walk thru of getting started with BUCC – the fabulous tool to run BOSH/UAA/CredHub/Concourse locally or in production. It’s like a treat to yourself. Why add

Is using BUCC a better way to bootstrap BOSH?

BUCC is the convention over configuration tool to make it easy to deploy the best, securest, most backupable BOSH/Concourse on a single VM. The Problem The bosh-deployment is the fantastic tool for deploying a BOSH VM to any infrastructure. A vanilla BOSH or one with UAA/CredHub. A BOSH that can deploy normal infrastructure VMs or

BUCC supports Backup & Restore finally!

Many people have asked about how to backup and restore BUCC (an introduction to BUCC can be found here. The wait is over, because as of v0.4.0, there is full support for BBR (BOSH Backup & Restore). The technical details will be given at the end of this blogpost, but first, here is the short