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Complete walk thru deploying BOSH using BUCC

You might be surprised at how quickly you can go from nothing to having a full production environment with BOSH. Very surprised. I’d like to share with you a walk thru of getting started with BUCC – the fabulous tool to run BOSH/UAA/CredHub/Concourse locally or in production. It’s like a treat to yourself. Why add

Build Better BOSH Releases Faster with Language Packs

When you’re packaging your bespoke systems as BOSH releases, over and over again, you will first need a Ruby/Java/Golang/Python package for compilation or runtime. The BOSH community is now providing language packs to make it much simpler and faster. This article is a quick look and a "build a BOSH release" walk thru using the

Is using BUCC a better way to bootstrap BOSH?

BUCC is the convention over configuration tool to make it easy to deploy the best, securest, most backupable BOSH/Concourse on a single VM. The Problem The bosh-deployment is the fantastic tool for deploying a BOSH VM to any infrastructure. A vanilla BOSH or one with UAA/CredHub. A BOSH that can deploy normal infrastructure VMs or

BUCC supports Backup & Restore finally!

Many people have asked about how to backup and restore BUCC (an introduction to BUCC can be found here. The wait is over, because as of v0.4.0, there is full support for BBR (BOSH Backup & Restore). The technical details will be given at the end of this blogpost, but first, here is the short

Use Latest Major Stemcell Version

Hey. Sometimes new major stemcells come out and they use newer versions of Linux and they break your stuff. Sometimes it’s your fault that your thing doesn’t work. Sometimes we blame Elon Musk because we have trouble taking responsibility for our mistakes. We’re sorry, Elon. The point is, you don’t want to use the latest

Deploy Kubernetes to an Existing BOSH Environment

Coming to SpringOnePlatform next week? Myself (Dr Nic) and many Stark & Wayne team members will be in the Community Hub to talk about Kubernetes/CFCR, Cloud Foundry, Kafka, SHIELD and more. Come find us! Kubernetes is one of the newest components of a larger Cloud Foundry, deployed with BOSH, and known as CFCR – the

Save 85% on your Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes hosting bill with this one simple trick

Running your own Cloud Foundry will give you large hosting bills. Kubernetes, whilst having a substantially smaller initial footprint, will still run up a reasonable hosting bill each month. If only there was a way to save 85% of your monthly bill! Allow me to introduce you to the BOSH AWS CPI property spot_bid_price and

Collocated BOSH errands: Run one-off tasks inside your instances

The BOSH v263 release added an exciting new feature – the ability to run one-off tasks (called errands) inside existing instances. A BOSH deployment is the top-level first-class citizen of running things with BOSH. Typically a BOSH deployment will be one or more long-running instances on your target cloud infrastructure. For example, you could use

Bootstrap BOSH 2.0 on AWS

One of the greatest devops tools in 2017 will be BOSH – the outer shell for cloud software. I recently summarized why BOSH is still unique in our profession in an article BOSH turns five! If you’re intrigued, you might want to know how to get started? Or how to do something useful? In this