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Hardening the vcap user’s password on BOSH VMs

Locking down your BOSH VMs? Here’s a handy guide for some options at your disposal for overriding the default password for BOSH’s vcap user: Customize it in your manifest In each resource pool (or VM type) configuration in your BOSH manifest (or cloud config manifest), you can specify env.bosh.password. This will overwrite the value of

bosh-init on AWS, What Time is it Mr. Fox?

We ran into an interesting problem today while running bosh-init against AWS: CPI ‘has_vm’ method responded with error: CmdError{"type":"Unknown","message":"AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials","ok_to_retry":false} This is a CPI error so after a bit of investigation confirmed our AWS keys were correct and valid with the awscli. After some more digging we

Speeding up bosh create-env in Production with Proto-BOSH

bosh create-env is AWESOME. It lets you deploy BOSH itself using a BOSH manifest, making it really easy to customize your BOSH deployment as you see fit. It allows you to add a backup agent, some monitoring, and some troubleshooting tools, or even swap out the database with an HA alternative. However, there is one