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Which Version of a BOSH Release is Deployed Where?

It’s time for some good jq magic. I need to know where a specific release is deployed in the current environment. I also need to know which version of that release is deployed in each spot. Specifically, I’m checking for shield, but you can change RELEASE_NAME to whatever you want. export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=my-bosh-directorexport RELEASE_NAME=shield bosh deployments

Creating an App Registration in Azure

You want to automate the deployment of your Azure infrastructure. Great! But now you need to create an account for your automation to access Azure’s API. Azure implements these in the form of what they call App Registrations. In order to create one, you will need access to create accounts in Azure Active Directory. If

Formatting Terraform Lists as Strings

I’m deep in the weeds again. I’m inside of a YAML document inlined inside of a heredoc inside of a bash script that exists as a string inside of a heredoc inside of a Terraform configuration file written in HCL. It’s not my finest work, but it’s up there. To complete this masterpiece, I simply

Doomsday: x509 Certificate Expiration Monitoring

As of this writing, it is 2019, and the tech-world has generally accepted TLS as a “good thing.” So let’s put certificates on our servers to make sure we’re talking to the right servers, and let’s also put certificates on our clients to make sure that the right clients are talking to the right servers.