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Cloud Foundry database replatforming from Postgres to MySQL

So you have a Cloud Foundry deployed with the `cf-release` codebaseand you have noticed that in the newer release Cloud Foundry switched to MySQL.And now you want to upgrade. But first you need to move from PostgreSQL so it will make your life easier for the future upgrades! The good thing is… It can be

BUCC: I’ll be there for you, BBL

We wanted to let you know that two of your friends bbl and bucc are now best friends with each other! You can now use bbl to spin up a bucc fully automated on your target cloud environment. Setup The first thing we need is the latest bbl cli. For this example, we are going

Jumpbox connected with OAUTH

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a jumpbox available for your users without needing to maintain a list of users? Well, we did it again! And made it happen… It’s called oauth-jumpbox So let’s get you up and running… We are going to use the UAA from BUCC in this example; if you are not