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Building a Linux Static Binary with sipcalc, CentOS 7, and Docker

First: What is sipcalc? sipcalc is a handy tool that makes networking a bit less painful, e.g.: $ sipcalc -[ipv4 :] – 0 [CIDR] Host address – Host address (decimal) – 3232235520 Host address (hex) – C0A80000 Network address – Network mask – Network mask (bits) – 24 Network mask

Spruce, Vault, Concourse & You

BOSH makes a whole lot of tasks in the operations / systemsmanagement space way easier than ever before. Combine that with tools like Spruce and Genesis, and you have a really powerful paradigm for managing your deployments. Pair that with Concourse and it seems like the sky is the limit! Then you run into the