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Jumping through tunnels (A guide to SSH-ProxyJump)

At some point, we’ve all been in an environment similar to the one shown above and had the fun experience of SSHing from one Jumpbox to the next in order to access a deployment in a more secure environment. Now if this is a rare occurrence, it isn’t a big issue. The real annoyance comes

Logging Into Concourse From a Remote System

Authentication Scenarios When using Concourse in several environments, you’ll eventually end up in a situation where you’re on a remote system (Jumpbox, Docker Container, etc) and need to use fly to get or set a pipeline, or hijack into a job and troubleshoot a task. This is where things get a bit interesting. If you

Creating a Static NAT in AWS

In general, it is not a good idea to have all of your infrastructure sitting on the public internet. AWS solves this issue by creating VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) which have private subnets to sequester servers that should not be directly exposed to the internet. While this allows for greater security, it also creates a

CF on a Budget: Controlling Cost with Your PaaS

Being cost-conscious in a cloud world can be difficult. Especially on public clouds, where deployment footprint and instance sizing can be difficult to get right. Throw in lower environments, like sandbox, quality assurance, and development, and you’ve got the makings of a big cloud services bill. In this presentation, I presented multiple approaches and strategies

Deploying Microsoft Service Fabric via BOSH

Getting Started Currently, if you are interested in deploying Service Fabric on standalone linux clusters, you’ll need to create your own instance, install all of the packages and dependencies, configure the cluster appropriately via the xml spec, and run a few scripts. After all that, you’ll have a standalone cluster running on one physical instance.