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Servant Leadership, and the Art of Being Helpful

help·ful/ˈhelpfəl/ Giving or ready to give help Useful Our executive team locked ourselves in a San Francisco apartment for two days this year and went through an exercise in defining who, what, and where we want to be as a company. The end result was a set of core values, an azimuth pointing towards the

A Cloud Native Transformation Primer. Part 1: It’s obvious, until it isn’t.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels An OODA loop, credited to USAF Colonel John Boyd is an action oriented cycle for mission delivery. It stands for observe–orient–decide–act. I was introduced to the concept a few years ago, and I’ve become very familiar with the response I get when I share it with others. The very same

Using Puppet as a node source for Rundeck

We’ve recently been asked to explore introducing Rundeck into an organization that heavily invested in Puppet for their IT automation. What the heck is Rundeck? You can follow the link above for more details, but basically Rundeck is an API and user interface for performing operations tasks. It provides access controls, job scheduling and the