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  • by Ruben Koster

bare-metal bosh-lite
I have been thinking about doing somthing usefull with my lab server for a while now, but today I finally did. By using it as a bare-metal bosh-lite box.

Why bare-metal? I wanted to see if cutting out the virtualisation layer would make the whole setup more stable. Which would mean being able to test bigger deployments (for example cf-release + cf-services-contrib + logsearch).


Before we can start with installing bosh-lite we first have to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 on our box. Which can be downloaded here. After following the installation instructions you should have a server with ssh access. We will use knife solo from our development machine to install bosh-lite on the target box.


  1. Clone the repository.
git clone
cd bare-metal-bosh-lite
  1. Prepare your box by installing chef
STATIC_IP=<ip of your box>
knife solo prepare root@$STATIC_IP
  1. Edit the created node file
sed "s/STATIC_IP/$STATIC_IP/g" nodes/example_node.json > nodes/$STATIC_IP.json
  1. Install bosh-lite
knife solo cook root@$STATIC_IP

Next steps

When your bosh-lite is up and running you can following these instructions to install Cloud Foundry.

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