Bootstrap MicroBOSH to AWS VPC

Our last two customer deploys for BOSH & Cloud Foundry have been the AWS VPC. The bosh-bootstrap tool previously did not support VPC, rather it only provisioned into EC2 with an elastic IP.

Today, bosh-bootstrap v0.14 offers AWS VPC support if your target AWS region has one or more VPCs already created. That is, you are responsible for creating the VPCs, subnets, route tables etc; bosh-bootstrap will launch Micro BOSH into one of the subnets.

Simply create a workspace folder and run bosh-bootstrap deploy:

mkdir vpc-bootstrap
cd vpc-bootstrap
bosh-bootstrap deploy

You will be prompted for AWS credentials, and then to select an available VPC and subnet. It will then propose an available IP from that subnet CIDR:

Confirming: Using AWS EC2/us-east-1
1. vpc-eae81c8f (
2. vpc-cec034ab (
3. EC2 only
Choose a VPC: 2
1. boshes (
2. bastian (
3. cf1 (
Choose a subnet: 1
Choose IP ||

After pressing Enter, it will create a micro_bosh.yml and start launching your MicroBOSH.

If you are in us-east-1, it will use a light stemcell (for a pre-existing AMI).

For other AWS regions, it will download the large stemcell and use it. You will need to be running bosh-bootstrap deploy from within another AWS VM in that same region for the AMI creation process to succeed.

Other features

Also in v0.14 is the use of the current folder as the working folder, rather than ~/.microbosh.

So you must create a new folder first:

mkdir -p ~/workspace/deployments/microbosh
cd ~/workspace/deployments/microbosh
bosh-bootstrap deploy

Also, for AWS it now provisions an m3.medium rather than an m1.medium.

Finally, bosh-bootstrap is now using the latest stemcells for AWS, OpenStack and vSphere. Their location had changed since the last release.

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