About Us

Stark & Wayne is the leading cloud technology consulting firm, offering: architecture design, implementation, and operations enablement. These services empower enterprises to operate highly available and extensible platforms on their chosen infrastructure(s).

Stark & Wayne engineers bring years of experience and a strong passion for cloud development and automation. We have the expertise to help your organization transition to Cloud Foundry or any type of multi-cloud you might need, on premises or in the public cloud.

Our Core Values

We Are Helpful
We are empathetic, compassionate, respectful, and gracious.

We Get Things Done
We are determined, pragmatic, have grit, integrity, ownership, and follow through.

We Are Good People
We are positive, optimistic, constructive, open minded, humorous, and enjoy the journey.

We Are Trustworthy
We are responsible, dependable, honest, and transparent.

We Are Self-Improving
We are humble, self-aware, and self-reflective.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nic Williams is one of the top five contributors to open source projects. He is known for creating or curating projects such as BOSH, App Scrolls, Rails Installer, Composite Primary Keys, Choc Top, TextMate bundle, New Gem, Tab Tab, GitHub Badges, Install Theme for Rails, and Dr. Nic's Magic Models. Before founding Stark & Wayne, Dr. Nic served as both VP of Technology and VP of Engineering at Engine Yard. Today, he continues to contribute to open source projects, write helpful blogs, talk at conferences, and spend time with his family when he is not coding or breaking something.

He's Australian and is funny if you can understand his accent.

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Seguin brings success to the company’s day-to-day business operations, contracting, and partnerships. His experience managing controls teams for multi-billion dollar trading desks is where he forged a blend of high-tech and business skills. As an Eagle Scout, Knight of Columbus, and former Volunteer Fire Captain, Brian brings a passion for giving back to the community. That passion extends to the Cloud Foundry Community, which he believes can facilitate very real and very positive changes for the high-tech and business worlds.

When Brian is not laboring at his computer, he can be found working on his farm, experiencing the trials and tribulations of tractor repair, hard soil, and predators.

Chief Technical Officer

Wayne Seguin leads the technical vision and oversees curation and adoption of best practices across all customer engagements. Wayne ensures that all of our consultants are prepared, educated, happy, and eager to help each other and our clients become superheroes. He also seeks out and vets both new technology as well as people alike to see where they may benefit Stark & Wayne and their amazing customers. Wayne has long been an active member of the open source community, most widely known for creating Ruby Version Manager (RVM).

VP of Engineering

Bill Chapman specializes in helping businesses make pragmatic decisions about the technology they use and the software they create. Bill is always up for the challenge of solving difficult problems. He has significant experience in client relationship management and business analysis to help him integrate into projects at any level or phase of development.