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We Help Enterprises Go Cloud Native Now

Moving to the cloud is not “one and done” — it requires a cultural shift toward continuous innovation that should exist throughout the organization. Stark & Wayne’s unique approach makes enterprises and individuals more productive in a shorter period of time than traditional consultancies. We’ll have you confident enough to shut down and rebuild your entire environment in no time.

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We Help Enterprises Go Cloud Native Now

Stark & Wayne designs and implements cloud native architectures, and helps teams develop internal best practices around cloud native, agile, and open source. Since 2013, we have successfully implemented hundreds of projects for dozens of customers spanning industries from retail to agriculture. We are senior technologists with decades of experience using cloud native, agile methodologies, and open source technologies to help enterprises gain competitive IT capabilities, and are major contributors to open source projects including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, BOSH.

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Core Values

We Are Helpful

We are empathetic, compassionate, respectful, and gracious

We Get Things Done

We are determined, pragmatic, have grit, integrity, ownership, and follow through.

We Are Good People

We are positive, optimistic, constructive, open minded, humorous, and enjoy the journey.

We Are Trustworthy

We are responsible, dependable, honest, and transparent.

We Are Self-Improving

We are humble, self-aware, and self-reflective

We Enrich Lives

We believe in helping our colleagues and customers be the best they can be.

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