This summer, Cloud Foundry expert Ferran “Ferdy” Rodenas joined Stark & Wayne both to continue developing the company’s portfolio of open source technologies and service offerings and also to help with Stark & Wayne’s expansion into Europe. And Ferdy’s journey to Stark & Wayne is certainly one for the books. His passion for Cloud Foundry stems from a 2011 trip to an OpenStack conference in the US. However, while attending that conference, Cloud Foundry was released as an open source project. “I was looking for solutions to help developers focus on what they really need to be more agile and productive and also to make their business succeed. And during the conference, I realized I was at the wrong place because I was looking at the wrong abstraction. Cloud Foundry opened my eyes; it was exactly what I was looking for.” Ferdy immediately began investigating and contributing to Cloud Foundry.

When BOSH was released in 2012, he along with Dr. Nic quickly became one of the project’s earliest contributors and evangelists (the two instantly became Twitter friends). Since BOSH only supported VMWare and AWS at the time, Ferdy went ahead and created the first BOSH CPI for OpenStack. VMWare took notice of this and invited Ferdy to a conference party in 2013. Dr. Nic also took notice of this. “I had already started Stark & Wayne and definitely wanted Ferdy to be a part of the team, but I knew - I KNEW - that VMWare was going to offer him a job,” Dr. Nic said. There wasn’t much time between Ferdy landing at the airport and the party so Dr. Nic rushed to Ferdy’s hotel right after he got there. He offered a position at Stark & Wayne, but timing wasn’t on their side that day. “I was excited about what Stark & Wayne was doing and impressed with the company's success but I just wasn’t at a point in my career where I could do a startup,” Ferdy said. He took the position with VMWare (Dr. Nic guessed right!), moved from Spain to the US, and worked on Cloud Foundry as it transitioned to Pivotal. Dr. Nic’s wife even helped Ferdy and his family find their house in the Bay Area.

However 3 years later, Ferdy was ready for a change and to also move back to his home in Spain. Ferdy also saw what Stark & Wayne had achieved in the last three years, and how they became a leading provider of Cloud Foundry services using the company’s “collective” expertise and knowledge sharing. So Ferdy connected with Stark & Wayne to see if the 4-year-old job offer was still available and fortunately, this time, timing was on all their sides. “We’d already started working with Atos in Europe and knew we were going to need help with that and to grow the overall business in Europe. I am incredibly flattered by all the compliments Ferdy paid Stark & Wayne and enthusiastic that Ferdy is going to be helping the staff we have in Europe!” Brian Mattal said. Ferdy knew that leveraging Stark & Wayne’s existing success was better than starting his own business from scratch. Additionally, Ferdy shares Stark & Wayne’s deep commitment to open source software. “Thanks to the open source community, enterprise developers can more rapidly develop software that is actually user-centric, which is relatively new in the enterprise world.”

Ferdy will be responsible for developing business in Europe, growing the existing European team, and spreading the global Stark & Wayne collective footprint. “We are rapidly growing our unique Open Source and Pivotal Cloud Foundry offerings at Atos. Open Source is all about the power of community and we wanted to ensure we are continuously injecting new industry best practice into the heart of our fully managed and certified service offerings. Because of their proven Cloud Foundry experience, we know Stark & Wayne is the right team to collaborate with us. Their presence in Europe is already enabling us to accelerate our roadmap. Ferdy is a seamless addition to Stark & Wayne, and we are excited to have him join them and our team!” said Adam Lewis, VP of Enterprise Cloud Platforms at Atos. Ferdy will also be developing new features and services to complement Cloud Foundry offering. He will also work to drive overall awareness for Cloud Foundry in the European technology space. “There are a lot of opportunities here. A few companies are doing some interesting things, but there is room for so much more,” said Ferdy.

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